Commercial Grinding in the late 40's

First started as a centerless grinding company in 1930, Commercial Grinding was purchased as a partnership by father and son. Both of them were interested in flying Rex Sr. enjoyed racing aircraft while Rex Jr. went into the Navy to be an Ensign Flight instructor and aviator teaching others to land their planes on Aircraft Carriers at sea. Later Rex Jr. would start his own company call Cal-Disc Grinding. These were truly "men of steel with hearts of gold."

Rex Sr. and Rex Jr. Sturdevant


Gale Sturdevant, President

Later in the 50's Gale Sturdevant, after finishing his tour of duty in the Army came to work for Commercial Grinding. In 1972 Gale purchased the company and built Commercial Grinding into the modern facility it is today. Gale has become a legend in the grinding community throughout the country. A sportsman, pilot and good friend to those that know him, Gale's "we can do it" philosophy has made Commercial Grinding, the success it is today.

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