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From Plastics to hard metals like Titanium and everything in between.
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We now do Flat Lapping

Commercial Grinding provides a fast method of flat precision stock removal to hold parts flat and parallel in some cases within .0002 of an inch.This can be a faster process than traditional machining because we grind two sides at once with Double Disc grinding. With Blanchard grinding we can remove material from one side at a time for custom stock removal. Both processes apply to a wide range of materials from Plastics to hard metals like Titanium and everything in between.
How do we do it?
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Double Disc Grinding – Allows flat material to be ground on both sides at once. This maintains the flatness and uniformity needed for automated machining centers. From material as thin as .010 or as thick as 3 inches, double disc grinding could be the answer for you. Double Disc Grinding

Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding - When surfacing is required on one or both sides, this method of grinding is ideal for heavy material removal. We take this type of grinding one step further by providing finishes and tolerances that most grinding companies won't even quote.

Through Feed Double Disc Grinding or sometimes called "pass through grinding",  makes stock removal in full 12 foot bars possible with our full length bar grinder. We can pass through square and rectangle material in bar form and still maintain parallelism within .001 of an inch.

Through Feed Double Disc Grinding

Aluminum Supply and Precision Sawing – As a complement to our grinding process we provide precision cut aluminum plate in a variety of thickness. For plate or bar, we stock a number of common aluminum alloys that we can precision saw here at the company.

Band Sawing and a variety of other services are provided along with expert advice on grinding applications.

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